0.2mm At Home Derma Roller system (VAT INC)
0.2mm At Home Derma Roller system (VAT INC)

0.2mm At Home Derma Roller system (VAT INC)

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Our 0.2mm at home derma roller is designed specifically for at home use.

Our 0.2mm derma rollers are ideal for boosting skin in between professional salon treatments. 

This derma roller system makes tiny punctures in the skin which help to promote new skin cell regeneration, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and hyperpigmentation.

Our at home rollers main focus is to allow deeper penetration of your favourite serums to achieve maximum absorption into the skin. 

 Wholesale price for trained professionals - £13

RRP - £26

How to use:

  • Use once per week.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin before using.
  • Tone before and after use.
  • Start in one area of the face and gently roll repeatedly 4-5 times over that area.
  • Make sure to avoid the under-eye area and do not apply too much pressure.
  • After use, ensure that you sterilise your roller.
  • Store in the case provided and make sure to wear SPF - roller must be thrown away after one month for sanitation purposes.
  • Do not use on any area of the skin that is inflamed or experiencing breakouts, rosacea or any other skin condition.
  • Can be used in conjunction with professional treatments in clinic.